About us

    The company TRAVAR-MB d.o.o. with a long tradition and proven quality produces natural plant products, and will help in the preservation of our greatest resources – health.

    Croatia is world famous for its diversity of medicinal plants. Medicine has accepted many plants and is used around 49% in the pharmaceutical industry as a raw material. Nature provides an inexhaustible wealth and constantly has new insights and the contributions to science that is concerned about the preservation of health and extending life.

    All the products we are working exclusively from the non-poisonous plants that have throughout the centuries among peoples proven and tested.

    Plants are collecting on the meadows, pastures, forests, rocky, mountains, beside the rivers, etc. Where to find the plant in large quantities depends on the climate, the region and the land on which it grows. Most of the plants we ourselves breed. We use flower, leaf, stem, bark, seeds, roots, rhizome and buds, depending on what is at the individual plants medicinally. Especially we pay attention to the vintage and drying plant to retain their color, aroma and healing properties. All copies of the herbs used in the manufacture of previously we send for analysis.