Focusing on customer needs and customer satisfaction the quality of our products along the strict care of the health safety of our products, the most important values to which TRAVAR MB measures and determines its overall performance in area of production and sales:

– pharmaceutical preparations – tea mixtures, herbs and herbal drops

– cosmetics for special purpose

– essential oils and other oils

– tinctures

– lavender against moth

In order to become, maintained and strengthened these values, we are permanently committed:

– employ professional and ambitious personnel who will be able to continually develop and improve

– continuously promote the technological equipment with the highest standards of maintenance of infrastructure and working environment

– nurture and develop the partnerships with customers and suppliers

– continuously follow global trends in the processing plant and the same applied to his work

– Continually control all critical points in the production and prevent the occurrence of unsafe products

– to place ambitious, measurable and achievable goals

– to apply and constantly improve the effectiveness of the quality management system and safety of the product based on the requirements of international standard ISO 9001 and HACCP principles

In Bjelovaru 02.11.2011.

Director:     Marija Blagojević

Each employee is obliged to become familiar with the policy and accept it as a permanent principle in daily work.