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Ljekovito bilje


Herbs are used throughout the entire development of humanity and the long period it was the only way of treatment. Thanks to the ancient knowledge of the healing properties of certain parts of plants – roots, bark, leaves, buds, flowers or other parts – a man used them in various forms, as dry, raw, gelatin, usually tea, or in powder form, which is often used today.


The plants are there to help in the prevention and therapy of various diseases and used to promote the need for the treatment of many diseases, often in combination with synthetic medications…


Over the time is developed traditional medicine which is characteristic for all nations, region and civilization. Knowledge and experience of the healing properties of plants have been passed down from generation to generation, usually orally. A significant number of books or manuals, which emerged later, described the experiences and instructions for the use of medicinal properties of certain parts of plants, which shows great interest in their use.